Hey, I'm Verity, and I'm a graphic designer.


I've studied for the past few years at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.While studying,

I've been tuning my interests with self-motivated projects but also working commercially for Brompton Bicycles and

moving for a few months to Portland, Oregon and New York, NY. Before settling back in London and finishing my Graphic and Media Design BA (Hons).

I enjoy working around design that has a compelling story to tell and is nearly always in the category of "design for

change". I want each project to be centred in conceptual thinking, to have a different direction with a variety of approaches and; styles. I've found that if I approach a project by the parameters of thought, not the parameters of the brief, each project has its own breath and journey. Which leads to more diverse outcomes, I also always need my outcomes to be productive, to have a purpose which someone other than me could benefit from.